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Access market leading professionals, and save money, via Auction Essentials

When you are buying or selling land or property at an auction, although your ‘Lot’ may take a matter of seconds to be won, if you are to be successful in the long run, planning and effort is required before and after the gavel falls.

Auction Essentials brings together market leading professionals from the auction world, use their skills and knowledge to help make the right decisions and build a successful portfolio.


What's the condition of your proposed purchased?

When the gavel falls, the contract is not subject to a survey so, before you buy, you need ensure you’re happy with the value, structural integrity and condition of your proposed purchase. Also, with a short lead time between Lot availability and the actual auction, you need a surveyor that can quickly turnaround the report; giving you the knowledge guide to your bidding and peace of mind to make the eventual purchase. Finally, as you do not know whether you’ll successfully win your Lot, you want a cost effective survey but not any unnecessary expenditure.

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VAS Panel

VAS Panel is a UK wide Valuation Panel Company who deliver clients with a fast and professional connection to respected specialist valuation companies throughout the country. Ensuring that valuation instructions are distributed to the right practice, with the right expertise, in the right location, quickly and efficiently. As well as property valuations, they provide Specialist Reports should any property related issues be found within the initial Valuation Report.

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