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Access market leading professionals, and save money, via Auction Essentials

When you are buying or selling land or property at an auction, although your ‘Lot’ may take a matter of seconds to be won, if you are to be successful in the long run, planning and effort is required before and after the gavel falls.

Auction Essentials brings together market leading professionals from the auction world, use their skills and knowledge to help make the right decisions and build a successful portfolio.

Bridging Finance

Bridge the gap between your funds.

Bridging loans, often associated with property, are a short-term lending option to help to ‘bridge’ the gap between your existing funds and the extra capital needed to make your purchase. This dynamic lending solution can be very useful as a short-term finance option when looking to purchase a property at auction and loans can be processed to meet typical 28-day turnaround periods.

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Together Money

Together Money have been delivering specialist finance for over 40 years. They understand that when it comes to auctions, speed is of the essence. So, they work quickly, and use our common sense. It means they can consider all sorts of circumstances, including those who are self-employed or retired. They will also consider any application from individuals, companies, trusts and pension schemes needing auction finance.

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