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When you are buying or selling land or property at an auction, although your ‘Lot’ may take a matter of seconds to be won, if you are to be successful in the long run, planning and effort is required before and after the gavel falls.

Auction Essentials brings together market leading professionals from the auction world, use their skills and knowledge to help make the right decisions and build a successful portfolio.


Standard mortgages in auction timescales

Buying a property at auction is very different to traditional purchases. Completions happen much faster, so it often pays to arrange your finance before the auction gets into full swing.

After all, you’re the legal owner the moment the hammer goes down – and you’ll typically have only 28 days or less to provide the balance of the purchase price.

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Mortgages within an auction timescale is their speciality and with more than 15 years helping UK property investors complete auction purchases, they have the experience and skills to help you confidently and safely secure your purchase. They can arrange a suitable finance package tailored to your specific requirements, whether it’s a purchase of land, commercial property, residential property, or development opportunities – with or without planning permission.

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